NEW painters

Charlie and I are now happy owners of a "new to us " Fifth wheel trailer. We sold our Motorhome
which we had great times in, space was limited tho and as we like to travel all year round, two dogs and us in bad weather was cramped ,and Charlie has wanted a Fifth wheel for a long time.
I was persuaded and I am so glad I was. I will be looking forward to many painting trips.
We recently went up to Scotland to collect our van, I've called her Boudicca, our chariot. Went to Bass Rock where I was so excited by the Gannets and Puffins, both beautiful in their own rights and I'm looking forward to painting them.
We also visited those amazing Kelpies. What stunners. Well worth a trip they are brilliantly designed and built, sunlight catching different angles, the backdrop of the sky is of course ever changing so that every which way you look draws your eye in a new way.