Going Forward

Its been a while since adding to this.
Loads has happened including another Course at the wonderful RNHRD Bath.
I'm on Anti TNF treatment, do regular Hydrotherapy and do my daily exercises, although I have had to accept a new slower me I'm painting properly again.
I took it very slowly because I still Flare often but last month I rejoined The Sussex Society of Painters (SSP) and will be exhibiting with them in September. My first show in years and just completed 4 small oil paintings for that. My dear friend Karen (Norfolk, also a Member) encouraged me to go back and has offered to deliver work for me etc.

Now, and I'm very excited about this, I'm starting my series of Brittany paintings. I've just started a large canvas. Rocks, sea, sky and grass whats not to be excited about.
I took hundreds of photographs while we were there, sat in the MH sketching and doodling at views out of the windows. We were able to park in amazing places high on cliff tops, then later walk and wander the coastal paths. I think it was the start of an ongoing
love affair with Brittany we hadn't been before and we 're already eager to return. Meanwhile I can relive it on canvas and hey I'm definitely not complaining about where we live. We both love it here.

I'm off to put the kettle on and go and do some more to my canvas.......